Cheap Eats at the Mall of America? Try IKEA!

November 3, 2020

Are you visiting the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota and looking for a place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Good news: the Mall of America has just about every type of restaurant food imaginable. Bad news: the prices typically range from high to outrageous at many of these eating establishments.

Located directly adjacent to MOA, IKEA is best known for their unique furniture and other household goods. But did you know IKEA also has a restaurant? The food is quite good and VERY inexpensive! IKEA thinks that if you can be lured into the store with a rock-bottom meal deal, you may leave with $500 worth of home furnishings. Let this work to your advantage!

You’ll find IKEA located directly north of the Mall of America. Although not connected to the Mall, it is right next door. You can walk over in a few minutes, eat, then walk back and resume your shopping at the “Mega Mall.” Take the money you saved and use it to buy a souvenir to remember your visit to Minnesota AND the great dining deal you got at IKEA!