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Boost Mobile $30/Month Unlimited Talk Text Data

April 27, 2022

The following promotion was active in previous years but has NOT yet been verified for 2022. As soon as we receive further information, we will update this page. Be sure to check back often!

Boost Mobile just fired a BIG salvo in the ongoing prepaid cell phone plan wars! Boost Mobile has introduced “Come to Data”, offering more data for less on all their prepaid plans. The entry level plan gives you unlimited data, talk & text for only $35.00 per month. 1GB of high speed 3G/4G data is included.

That’s a great deal! But here’s how it gets even better: you can increase that 100%, giving you 2.0GB of 3G/4G data while saving $5 per month! Simply sign up for Auto Re-Boost. Each month, your $30 Boost Mobile charge is automatically deducted from your debit or credit card. Easy and convenient. With Auto Re-Boost, you pay just $30.00 for unlimited talk/text/data, including 2.0GB of high speed data each month. How’s THAT for a great prepaid smartphone plan deal?

Offer valid through June 30, 2015. Video streaming limited to 3G speeds. Auto Re-Boost enrollment required. Otherwise, plan price becomes $40 per month. Get it all for just $30 per month, only from Boost Mobile!