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Vermont Teddy Bear Valentine’s Day Specialty Bears

January 15, 2021

The following Valentine’s Day promotion was active in previous years but has NOT yet been verified for 2021. As soon as we receive further information, we will update this page. Be sure to check back often!

Vermont Teddy Bear is your source for last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts this year! Order by 4:30PM Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, February 13th for guaranteed Valentine’s Day delivery.

VTB’s 4′ Big Hunka Love Bear is their signature item. Big and snuggly, still priced under $100 at $99.99. If “Big” isn’t big enough, send the 6′ Giant Hunka Love Bear for $199.99. When “Big” happens to be too big, try the 3′ Lil’ Hunka Love Bear, priced at $89.99. All 3 of these bears can be customized for an additional charge.

Teddy Truffles is also a popular Valentine’s Day choice. This trio of 3″ bears comes with a supply of delicious chocolates. Each Bear holds a crushed-velour heart with messages: “Be Mine”, “I Love U”, and “XOXO.” Teddy Truffles is priced at $89.99.

Mr. Right Bear comes dressed for the occasion in a 3-piece suit! He delivers a gift box with 2 delicious chocolates and a personal love note. Some Mr. Right Bears even contain a bonus: 12 delicious brownies from the Vermont Brownie Company, or a $100-$500 VTB gift card. He’s priced right too at just $89.99.

All of these Valentine’s Day Bears can be ordered directly from the Vermont Teddy Bear website at Hurry for delivery by February 14th!