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Dollar Tree 4th of July Sale $1.25 Snacks Supplies

March 10, 2024

INFLATION ALERT: Most Dollar Tree locations have recently increased pricing from $1.00 to $1.25 per item.

Dollar Tree is not having a 4th of July sale per se. Most items in the store are $1.25 every day. But if you’re cheap like me, Dollar Tree is a great place to go for holiday essentials. Their regular price usually beats the other stores’ holiday sale prices.

The thing to remember about Dollar Tree is while their price rarely changes, their inventory and selection does. You never know what you will find there. The current ad flyer shows quite a few necessary items for the big July 4th weekend:

– Sunglasses
– Chips, dips, and other snacks
– Crest toothpaste
– Sunbeam batteries and light bulbs
– Bottled water and drink mixes
– 4th of July party supplies

Again, most items are priced at just one dollar and twenty five cents. Be sure to stop by Dollar Tree before the big holiday weekend and see what they have to offer. Most locations will be open holiday hours on Independence Day (Monday, July 4.)