The Pizza Hut P’Zone Has Returned

October 6, 2020

Do you remember the Pizza Hut P’Zone? It was first introduced about 17 years ago. It’s one of those “for a limited time” menu items that appears, disappears, then pops up again a few years later. This time, Pizza Hut has brought back the P’Zone and included it in their $5 Lineup Menu.

What is a P’Zone? It’s basically a calzone filled with pizza! You can choose from 3 varieties:

– Pepperoni P’Zone
– Supremo P’Zone
– Meaty P’Zone

The Pepperoni P’Zone is the one included in the $5 Lineup Menu. That’s where you purchase at least 3 items and pay just $5 each. If you just want one Pepperoni P’Zone, the price is $5.99. The Supremo and Meaty P’Zones are not available as part of the $5 deal. They will cost you $6.99 each.

As always, P’Zones are available for a limited time at participating locations. Most Pizza Hut restaurants will be open holiday hours on Easter Sunday, April 21.