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Don’t Miss the Labor Day Sales & Special Deals

March 3, 2023

Used to be, Labor Day sales didn’t start until the holiday weekend. At some point, the deals started flowing one week earlier. Now, Labor Day sales begin two and sometimes three weeks before the actual holiday. Retailers and eateries alike are scrapping for every dollar they can get. This is GOOD NEWS for customers! Labor Day deals and discounts are expected to be larger and begin earlier vs previous years. Even though we’re still several weeks away from the holiday weekend, NOW is the time to start watching for early Labor Day sales and promotions!

Which Labor Day sales offer the best bargains? Car, truck and SUV sales are always plentiful in early September. Auto dealers are anxious to clear out their old inventory and make room for the new models. Vehicle sales are down, so the discounts are even higher this year. Furniture sales are also expected to be good. Expect plenty of appliance deals from big box stores and independent retailers. Cell phones, smartphones, and personal electronics are always hot sellers around Labor Day. Watch for special holiday offers on the new models as well as newer, cheaper monthly data plans.

In summary, the weeks leading up to Labor Day 2023 are one of your best buying opportunities of the year. Check back with us for specific sales and deals as we get closer to the September 4th holiday!